Power to the pallet!

13 Jul

Using pallets to create art is one of my favorite things to do! If you don’t mind pulling out some nails and doing some sanding, you can find used ones for free! This pallet that I used to make a sign for my daughter’s room was found on the side of the road. It didn’t fit in our trunk so my husband actually carried it all the way home (half a mile)  since I insisted on having it! Isn’t he sweet?

We ended up pulling 4 boards off the pallet and hammered the nails out. Be careful because some pallets have some pretty rusty nails! After the nails were out we used a palm sander to make it nice and smooth. A sanding block works great too but takes a little longer! My husband knew that I wanted it to look like a sign in a garden so we kept it pretty rustic looking. He cut three boards with a circular saw to be the same length (about 25″ each) and screwed them to the long board.  The boards don’t lay flush next to each other but I think that adds character to it! If you want a perfect looking sign, don’t use a pallet!

After everything was all screwed together I got out my trusty stencils and got to work! The colors are teal, lime green and purple which complement her room perfectly! This whole project took about 3 hours and cost us zero dollars!

I love how it turned out!


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