Next up……master bedroom!

14 Jul

I absolutely cannot refer to my bedroom as a “master” bedroom and keep a straight face! The total dimensions are 11′ by 12′ and I insist on having a king size bed which takes up the ENTIRE room! What can I say, I have 2 kids, a dog, and a husband who is over 6ft tall…….and I’m NOT a cuddler!  What I’m about to show you is quite disturbing. Please don’t judge me because everything about my room screams train wreck! Especially now that both of my kid’s rooms are completed, I really have no more excuses! Oh you want to see those pictures? Here they are.

This is Kenna’s room. I converted it from a nursery with a crib, changing table and rocker to a big girl’s butterfly garden. Oh and her walls were pink. I am NOT a fan of pink! Sorry I don’t have any before pictures, like I said I’m an instant gratification kinda girl and I literally decided to start painting and it looked like this a week later.  Starting now I vow to take more pictures!

Jayden’s room is a rock n roll room and I’m not going to lie……I’m totally jealous! I’m SOOOO glad he didn’t choose a Spongebob or Thomas theme room! Being 4 years old this room re-do was way overdue! Again I don’t have before pictures but just to paint a picture for ya, he had a crib mattress on the floor since he broke his toddler bed by jumping on it. He also had planet stickers all over the ceiling and walls. It wasn’t pretty. I will post more pictures of their bedrooms later and go into more detail about what I did. But today’s post is about the plans for the “master” bedroom makeover. Here are some pictures of how the room looks now.

Yes, this is a hodgepodge of bedding and  we have 2 separate blankets. I seriously don’t know how anyone shares a blanket! Everything about this picture is scary, I know…..but here’s another!

See how our bedroom has become a place for random items in the house that don’t have a place? Yeah, that’s all about to change!

This is my “vanity” where I get ready every day. Sad isn’t it?

The plan for this bedroom is as follows:

1. Replace hideous mini blinds with roman shades and/or sheer panels

2. Make a new bedspread out of 2 flat king size sheets and batting (tutorial to follow)

3. Sand, prime and paint the night stands and vanity table to be white and distressed

4. Add a bamboo rug under the bed

5. Stencil and sew some monogrammed pillows to add a personal touch

6. Replace wall art with some new paintings and/or signs

7. Reupholster headboard

8. Take down blue christmas lights……..what the heck was I ever thinking?

*update* I have decided on painting the walls grey……I have literally been obsessing over all the yellow and grey rooms on Pinterest! Now I can have one!

My goal is to complete this project in 2 weeks (I know I’m crazy!) and to do it all for under $150. Hah we’ll see how that turns out!


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