Curing those Bedding Blues!

16 Jul

Does anyone else out there have an extremely difficult time finding the right bedding? I seriously don’t think they have updated the patterns and styles in the last 20 years! A couple of weeks ago I was complaining to my friend Miranda about this and she recommended making a blanket! Of course I stared at her like she was nuts but she insisted that this is the only way to go. Apparently these blankets that she makes are extremely light weight and literally don’t cost a thing…….awesome right?! We both decided that we were going to make a couple of blankets (one for me and one for her daughter) and she was going to show me how. With her daughter’s blanket we went a step further and decided to keep it going with her beach themed room and sew a palm tree on it! Here is how we did it……..

The blanket is made up of 2 flat sheets (obviously you get the size that matches the bed) and batting. That’s seriously it! The best part about this project is that you can use flat sheets that you already own…….that is unless you are one of those strange people that actually sleeps with flat sheets! You also need some yarn or string to tie knots throughout the blanket to keep the batting from falling to the bottom. These are the sheets she bought for the beach blanket. They were $4.99 at Walmart!

Before making the blanket we decided to sew a palm tree on to it out of scrap fabric. Fortunately I have a TON of scrap fabric and were able to do the whole thing out of remnants and scraps! Here are some pictures of the process.

Once it was all cut and pinned, we sewed it! I didn’t worry about raw edges because Miranda told me it didn’t matter. That made things go much faster! Oh and at one point I literally had a tornado of fabric wrapping around my sewing machine as I maneuvered around the palms. It looked something like this….

After some ironing, it was ready to be made into a blanket! Here’s the fun part folks! At this point in the project we decided to move things to Miranda’s house –  her rooms are much larger and it was easier to lay everything out for pinning/sewing. This is the batting that we laid between the flat sheets.

It was 50% off and cost only $15 for a HUGE amount of batting! I had more than enough for my king size blanket! This is what the pinning process looked like.

From here you can decide if you want to sew first  or tie  the knots first. We decided to tie the knots first for no particular reason. All that you need is some yarn that matches your bedding and you can choose which side you want the frilly things to show. Also I learned from Miranda to just use a huge amount of yarn and do as many as you can before cutting and tying.

The knots are double knotted and cut to whichever length you prefer. It seems tedious but actually goes really fast when you get the hang of it! After we sewed that bad boy together this is what it looked like!

Looks awesome doesn’t it? The whole project cost under $20.00 for a completely custom bedspread! My favorite part is how light it is compared to a heavy comforter! I tend to sweat like an animal at night so this is perfect!

I hope you enjoyed this super easy tutorial on how to make your own blanket! A big shout out to my friend Miranda for teaching me this awesome project and to her mother-in-law for the original idea! We also sewed a king size blanket for my room…… coming soon!


One Response to “Curing those Bedding Blues!”

  1. Miranda July 16, 2012 at 5:20 pm #

    Looks good!!

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