Bye Bye Bookshelf

17 Jul

Unless your a clean freak, most people have a place in their home that sort of becomes a catch all for their junk. Our little spot is the bookshelf.  Every time I organize it, within 24 hours it looks like this…..

I’m pretty sure that both the sippy cup and slinky have been there for a month. It appears that we hoard magazines also. Here is another scary picture for ya.

I spy an ornament, some Visine and brass elbows. Oh and I think that may be Pez peeking out from under a card. I decided it was time for a change! I hardly read anyways ( besides for Twilight, 50 Shades and The Hunger Games) so I decided I didn’t really need them on display. After removing everything from the shelves, this is what the table looked like.

Maybe I should dust a little more often!

I decided to turn this bookshelf into a shelf that holds our dinnerware, serving trays and baskets. Most of these things were stuffed in a cabinet or sitting in odd places around the house. Why not display your pretty dishes? Here is the after shot.

And some more.

This little makeover has made me quite giddy! Well placed dishes and baskets are absolute eye candy for me! Now I just have a mound of magazines to go through (woops!)!


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