Stencils…….who knew?

19 Jul

It’s time to jump on the stenciling bandwagon! If you haven’t stenciled something, you haven’t truly lived! It’s by far the easiest way to get professional looking art/decor. Stencils are extremely versatile and you can use them on everything! I have stenciled pillows, canvas, plywood, pallets, sweatpants, scrapbook paper, bench cushions and even walls! It is especially great for people like me who aren’t that great at painting but want some unique, creative art on the walls.

I own stencils in every size, font and shape you can imagine and I’ve used them all! Best part…….you can reuse them! Here are just a few of them…

Those vinyl letters at the bottom are my new obsession! What I love about these is that they stick to any surface so that you can paint over them and peel them off easily, leaving you with the negative image of the word.

I’ve also become really interested in stenciling numbers and letters on to things. I’ve seen it all over Pinterest and other DIY blogs and I absolutely love the look! You can buy pillows with “scrabble letters” from places like West Elm and Pottery Barn for $50…….or you could do it yourself! I’m currently in the middle of making over my bedroom and I just finished these pillows for my bed.

There doesn’t really need to be any rhyme or reason to the letters or numbers you choose but I went with J4 because there are 4 Jehowskis in our family and 7 is my favorite number. My one HUGE piece of advice is……..if you’re stenciling fabric, use freezer paper! I trace the stencil onto the freezer paper, cut it out with an x-acto knife and then iron it on to the fabric (shiny side down). It instantly adheres itself to the fabric leaving a really crisp line and you can easily peel it off when you’re done. Make sure to use fabric paint on fabric because it’s machine washable!

Here are some other things I’ve stenciled for my bedroom this week.

That picture of Wisconsin with the heart over Waukesha County is one of my favorite things I’ve done. I got the idea from my friend Michelle who had a picture of the United States with a heart over Colorado. I absolutely had to try it and did one for my daughter’s room. This is how it turned out.

To get this look just paint a canvas a solid color and let it dry. Then create your own stencil with either tag board, construction paper or freezer paper if you plan on tracing something. I’m sure using a U.S. map would work but I just free handed this bad boy (took a few tries) and cut it out with an x-acto knife. The personal touch comes from cutting out a heart over whichever you place you call home.  Then just place the stencil on the canvas and paint around the edges of the stencil and inside the heart. That’s it!

Here are some other things around my home that I have stenciled recently.

I hope this post inspires you guys to consider stenciling your own art when you’re decorating your home……’ll save you tons of money and you may even have some fun!


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