Master Bedroom Reveal

22 Jul

It’s finished, the bedroom is officially finished! My goal for this room makeover was 2 weeks and we did it in 9 days! It probably would’ve been done sooner but we had 2 cases of strep throat in the house, an ear infection and a trip to urgent care for some stitches! Fun stuff!

Remember when my bedroom looked like this? (You can read more about my plans here)

Here’s an after shot for ya.

Another before…..

And after…..

Before shot of my vanity…..

After vanity….

Here is the picture wall that I did out of frames from the dollar store and some scrapbook paper. I think it needs a few more pictures.

We re-built our headboard and covered it with some new fabric. Read about that here!

We also brought in the rug that i made last year which was sitting folded in the craft room. And no, you will not get a tutorial on that because the process was HORRIBLE and I would not recommend anyone go through it!

One more picture….

Big diff huh? Considering this room is a wopping 11′ x 12′, it was pretty difficult to give it a “master bedroom” feel….. I think we did a pretty good job.

This is a list of the things we did in the bedroom and what the cost was:

  • Took down hideous Christmas lights and painted the room Pussywillow Gray from Sherwin Williams $50
  • Bought some new sheets and made  a blanket (tutorial here) $53 – White sheet set purchased from Walmart ($20), yellow and gray leaf sheet set from Target ($30) I used the flat sheets from both sets to make the blanket
  • Hung bamboo roman shades and sheer panels $60 – Shades are from Home Depot ($23.00 each), sheers from Walmart ($4.00 each x 4)
  • Stenciled pillows with fabric I already had $0
  • Put up a picture wall with frames from the dollar store $6.00
  • Bought 2 nightstands from a rummage sale and painted them white (tutorial coming soon) $30
  • Painted vanity white and put a new top on it with some left over wood in the garage which my husband routered to look pretty! $0
  • Rebuilt headboard and covered it with some new fabric (tutorial coming soon) $7
  • Brought in a rug that I made which had no home until now $0
  • Painted a few canvases with my handy dandy stencils $0

Grand total…….$206. I went $56 over my original budget but my reasoning is that I did not originally plan on painting my bedroom. I was having a hard time deciding on a color scheme to go with the pale green walls and my husband pointed out that if we were going to go through all this trouble, we may as well paint the walls and choose the color scheme we want. That sold me!  I have always wanted a yellow and gray room and if the hubs gave me permission, I was doing it!

I’m super excited about how this room turned out! All 3 bedrooms are officially finished (for now) and I can turn my attention to some other projects I’ve been thinking about! I hope you guys like what we did and that it showed you how easy it is to fix a train wreck of a room in a short amount of time for a very low price!


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