Let’s Make a Headboard!

24 Jul

If you’ve ever bought a headboard brand new you know how expensive they are! Sure headboards are huge and heavy and feel like they should be expensive, but if you make one yourself you will see how inexpensive they really are. The way that my husband and I made ours was with a piece of OSB plywood. It was a large piece (4′ x 8′) and cost us just $8 at Home Depot! This is what the wood looks like.

Notice the suede fabric already stapled to it? We actually made this headboard 6 years ago. I got sick of the dark brown color and wanted to give it a new look. My plans were to cut the rounded top off and give it a more square look. Also to cover that ugly fabric with something lighter.

This is what it looked like after cutting the top off. My husband just used a circular saw and cut right through the wood, foam and fabric.

This is a great view of what the foam looks like. You don’t need to add foam to your headboard but it makes it super soft! 6 years ago we just used glue to attach the foam to the plywood and then wrapped batting around the entire thing. Since the original headboard was so much larger than the new one, I had to use extra wide fabric from JoAnn. This fabric is much more expensive and there is less selection than the regular sized fabric. The new headboard was cut down to 42″ high and the new “regular sized” fabric I bought fit perfectly around it. I purchased 3 yards for our king size headboard and with my 50% off coupon, the fabric cost just $7!

I probably should’ve removed the old fabric but I would have had over a hundred staples to pull out! I don’t think so! Grab your trusty stapler and get to work! We stapled every couple of inches to make sure it wasn’t coming apart any time soon. The corners are a little tricky but just pull the fabric as tight as possible and it will look fine.

After the yellow fabric was all stapled to it, I decided to add a touch of detail to it. This strapping was in a spool at Joann and I bought 6 yards of it for a little over a dollar a yard. The lady at the cutting counter actually had the nerve to tell me how ugly the strapping was! Thanks lady, where’s your imagination? I played around with the placement of the strapping, stapled it down and this is what it looked like.

The cost of this headboard makeover was under $15! If you include the price of the plywood, batting and foam we purchased 6 years ago, it was under $40! A headboard of this size purchased from a store would be well over $200 and it was so easy to make!

Headboards don’t necessarily need to be made out of plywood either. My sister made an awesome looking headboard by wrapping 6 square canvases in fabric and hanging them to the wall! Very simple and easy, especially if you can’t get your hands on a saw! Another option is to use wood from a pallet and nail it together to give it a barn door feel (check out this awesome tutorial).

Now that our headboard is finished, I just need to get my husband to attach it to the wall! (it’s literally just sitting on our box spring balancing against the wall) I hope this showed you guys how easy it is to make your headboard, so don’t even think of buying one brand new! : )


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