A Diamond in the Rough

29 Jul

I have recently came across something so exciting that I can hardly contain my excitement! Anybody that knows me will tell you that once I get my heart set on something, it’s hard for me to think about anything else. Well this certain something is a table. Not just any table, I want a coffee table made out of a door…..preferably a barn door. I blame this obsession on Pinterest. Photos like these ones are what have fueled my obsession. (click on the pictures to be taken to the site I found them)

a family home in paris

I also love this barn door which could make an awesome table

I have been spending my days searching rummage sales and Craigslist for door such as this. Anything resembling a barn door is always at least $200 which is crazy! Well you are not going to believe this. I was walking through my basement the other day when I found it. Before I show you the picture of the door, I’m going to show you the “rough” part of my home. I want you to know that I won’t even let my dear friend Miranda in my basement because of how horrifying it is. Please don’t judge me…….

My basement

Aside from all of the ridiculous clutter and baby stuff galore, there is that diamond in the rough I found in the back of the room. Can you see it? Let’s get a little closer.

It’s been there this whole time!!!! Kinda ridiculous that it’s taken me this long to even realize this door has been there…….but then again I don’t often venture to the dark abyss known as our basement. Seriously though, isn’t it beautiful?! I love the knots, the Z pattern of the boards, even the door handle is awesome! Best part, it looks exactly like the barn door in the picture above and I already had it!! Here is what the backside of it looks like.

Again I was pleasantly surprised! It’s in very good condition and I like the look of the brackets holding it in place. Hands down, I like the front better! So here is the plan,

  • haul door upstairs into garage
  • sand it just to the point of getting any loose splinters off of it to make it safe for the kids
  • either build some legs or attach 2 saw horses to give it a really industrial feel (like the picture above)

I don’t think it needs any staining or painting because the natural wood looks beautiful as it is. The lighting in the basement is terrible so these pictures don’t even do it justice. I will post pictures and detailed step by step instructions of how we turn this awesome door into a coffee table. Eek I’m so excited!!!!



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