In one of those moods again

31 Jul

One of my favorite things to do when I’m bored is to move my furniture around and to change up my decorations. Obviously if I bought new decorations each time I got into one of these moods things would get a little expensive! Instead, I love to move my decorations around from room to room. When paired with other objects that are of different color or style, that piece of decor can look completely different! For example, my living room used to have tons of yellows and blues throughout. When I made over my bedroom, I took most of the yellow decorations out and placed them in my new yellow and gray room. This is what my poor bay window looked like after removing most of the yellow……

Some people may be fine with this……but not me! That flower looks so sad and alone! I also tend to “over decorate” because I just love how things look when stacked and grouped together. I decided for this window that instead of having a color scheme, to just find a bunch of earthy, rustic pieces in my home and put them together. After playing around with it for a couple days, I think I got it!

The Herbs sign I stenciled a while back on plywood and the Crescent Dr sign I stained and stenciled yesterday and it’s made from a pallet slat (you can read more about my pallet obsession here). I also spray painted the two boxes and a vase with this stuff….

It was super easy and only took one coat to cover these. I just love the flat finish!

The mason jars and landscape picture were bought at a rummage sale for a dollar each! Whenever I see mason jars with character like these, I always jump on buying them……..they just look better than the ones from Walmart!

The wicker balls were bought at a rummage sale last week for a quarter each!

This total makeover cost me $3.00 and has given my living room a completely new look! I can’t wait to get my new white couches in a couple weeks! More posts on that later! ; )


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