Save Time with Spray Painting!

2 Aug

I have a confession…..up until last week I had NEVER spray painted a thing in my entire life! I know……it’s crazy, I’m a craft-aholic and I’ve never spray painted! I just thought it would be super messy and difficult so I stayed away from the stuff. Well I have to tell you, I’m officially a convert! Spray painting is flippin awesome!! It all started with a couple vases and mason jars. I spray painted them black in a flat finish and I couldn’t believe how easy it was!

After that it was on. I ran to Menards and purchased like 8 cans of spray paint in different colors…..I mean seriously they are only $3 a can!

Then I walked around my house searching for items that desperately needed a makeover. I found this hideous piece of furniture in the basement.

Before this week if I had made over this table-thingy, I would have sanded, primed and painted at least 2 coats on it! Yeah not any more. With this awesome spray paint I didn’t need to sand or prime! Saweeeet!

About 10 minutes later and an entire can of spray paint, this is what it looked like.

I could not believe how easy this was! Perfect coverage, no streaky lines from a paint brush and no priming! I could totally see this bad boy at the end of a hall with a cute basket in it and a lamp on it. It could also work as a night stand next to a bed!

Since I was already in my paint clothes and in the mood for spray painting, I found a few more vases around the house and went crazy!

I also grabbed this sign that was once black and decided to make it white to match the pretty plates and bowls on my “bookshelf”.

Does this not look so much better?

And my favorite makeover so far? The bench. I did this one just a couple hours ago and I can’t wait for it to dry so i can put the cushion and pillows back on it! This is how it looked before.

The natural wood was nice but it could look way better. I used the same spray paint as the table but had wished I had bought the can with the trigger style since my fingers were cramping pretty good. 15 minutes later and this is what I had.

I am so excited about how easy this is! If I can do it……anyone can do it! I had read previously that when spray painting to go in a slow sweeping motion about 10 inches from the item and to not stop in one place otherwise you risk getting large drips. This technique worked perfectly and since I’m a total instant gratification gal, spray painting is the hobby for me! Anyone else have any spray painting stories or tips to share? I have a big project in the works that I can’t wait to show you guys!


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