Trash to Treasure

4 Aug

In my last post I had mentioned that I was working on a really exciting project and I couldn’t wait to show you guys. Well…’s finished! I successfully refurbished my first piece of furniture! Here it is.

Let’s start at the beginning. After last weekend when I found the awesome door in the basement, I realized that there could be many other things in the basement that are worth finding. That is how I found this amazing piece.

What is so special about this piece is that my father-in-law built it 35 years ago to store camping supplies in his Ram Charger! I immediately hauled it upstairs and got to work cleaning out the cobwebs and enlisted the help of my 4 year old to do some sanding! The majority of the wood was in really good condition, it was just the metal brackets that were all rusty and had to go. My husband insisted that they were not necessary in holding the thing together. Using a pry bar we pulled those babies off no problem!

Underneath the metal brackets was a whole bunch of gunky glue and caulk so we took the palm sander to it.

After the sanding we called it a day. I spent the majority of the night dreaming about paint colors and what sort of decorations I could put in all those cute cubbies.

I decided on green for the inside and a robin’s egg blue for the outside. The painting experience was extremely frustrating. My husband and I spent over an hour attempting to get the paint brush inside the narrow, deep cubbies. The paint was also not covering very well and I was getting frustrated. This all went down last week before I discovered my love for spray painting. After I realized how easy spray painting really was, I purchased a can of Rustoleum in a color called “Eden” with a satin finish.

In under 10 minutes I was able to cover the streaky paint job and get great coverage in every single space!

At this point I was squealing with delight over how things were looking! I obviously learned my lesson the first time and went right for the spray paint for the top, sides and back. This is what I chose.

I made sure not to go too heavy with the spray paint because I wanted to keep the distressed look to it.

It’s hard to tell the size of this piece of furniture, but it’s pretty short……about 24 inches high. I imagined this being sort of a console table so I knew we would need some table legs. We went to Menards and purchased 4 wooden legs that were 10″ tall and some top plates which are screwed in the bottom of the table to attach the legs.

With these legs installed, we just needed some more spray paint!

There were a few places that were a little rough so I took a 400 grit sandpaper to it which made it nice and smooth without removing any of the paint. After letting it dry for a few hours we brought it inside and I happily got to work decorating! This is the finished product!

I decorated it with vases that I had spray painted with the leftover colors and miscellaneous DIY books I found in the garage. Whenever decorating with books, I like to take the jacket covers off them. The covers are always too busy and colorful for my liking. Here is an up close shot.

See that cute little owl on the tray? I am absolutely in LOVE with him! So are my kids, because every time I look at the table, he is missing. I got him at Michaels for $3 and was originally planning on spray painting him white. I think at this time I will leave him in that color because it blends nicely with the blues and greens.

Oh and that & sign you see……..I made that bad boy out of foam board and a map of Milwaukee that I found in our den closet! I originally saw one at World Market that I was OBSESSED with but it was $129! It was also metal and like 4ft tall! Obviously I didn’t have the money for that so I decided to make one myself. The foam board was $5.99 and was also purchased at Michaels. I sketched the symbol on the foam board and cut it out with an xact-o knife. It wasn’t easy because the foam board is  pretty thick and sturdy but I couldn’t use the scroll saw because it was leaving a really rough edge. After the sign was all cut out, I traced it onto the map, cut that out and used spray adhesive to attach the map to the board. Not bad at all!

My favorite part of this storage shelf turned console table is that it’s something that has special meaning to our family. The distressed wood shows its character and makes it obvious that it wasn’t just built in a factory. It makes me happy to know that this treasure is out of the basement and being used and appreciated every day! I hope my father-in-law will be proud of what we’ve done and that he may even share some crazy stories with us of his camping days! Have a great weekend everyone!

Featured on the Shabby Creek Cottage Transformation Thursdays


8 Responses to “Trash to Treasure”

  1. linda gruber August 4, 2012 at 6:23 pm #

    Love this! Made me smile. Alot. Can’t wait to see what you find next! Mom

    • createwithcents August 9, 2012 at 8:42 am #

      I’m so glad you guys like it, that means a lot to me!

  2. thecapeonthecorner August 9, 2012 at 8:15 am #

    that is such an awesome piece! i love that it’s special in that it was your family’s, but it’s also super neat to display in those cubbies. fabulous job!

  3. Angela at A Typical English Home August 9, 2012 at 2:57 pm #

    Beautiful, I love the colours you used! And I really like that there’s a story behind it 🙂

  4. Grey August 9, 2012 at 11:28 pm #

    Fantastic color combination and how nice to have a “family” piece! You did an excellent job..

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