Making Your Own Wall Art…….Part 1

7 Aug

There is a big fad right now that involves using pallets to make things like shelves, coffee tables and wall art. And why not? Most pallets you can get for free and you are recycling old material! Unfortunately for many people, they either do not have access to pallets or do not have the time to pull off slats, pound out rusty nails and sand for hours. I have a perfect solution for those people!

The other day at Menards I came across this $6 pack of wainscoting.

The actual name is Black Hills Molding Raw Spruce Double Bead Tongue and Groove Wainscot. When each piece is flipped over, it has a very rustic, knotty look to it.

I really like how it looks when the sides don’t match up. Now to put the thing together this is what we did. My husband placed 2 pieces of scrap wood behind the boards to make it sturdy and give us something to nail it to. These are the tools we used.

I took all of the boards off so that I could glue and nail each board one at a time.

After nailing the first one down, I slathered some wood glue on there and put the two boards together. I also used a scrap piece of wood to tap with a hammer and get the tongue and groove pieces to fit as tightly as possible.

With all of the pieces nailed down, I got out the stain! I wanted a rich color so I used a gel stain in Walnut.

I know it shows a sponge brush in the picture, but I ended up using a rag instead. I slathered it on, waited 3 minutes and then wiped it off.

While I waited for this piece to dry, I decided to start staining some other scrap wood that I cut into 3 pieces.

With everything drying, I decided it was time for a trip to JoAnn Fabrics. I purchased a yard of burlap for $3.99. I had seen a really cool idea on pinterest where someone stenciled some burlap and attached it to a piece of wood…..I decided to give it a try. I used these fasteners to attach the burlap to the wood.

I didn’t use all the pieces, just the pokey ones and hammered them through the burlap into the wood. Then I got out the stencils and white acrylic paint!

This is how it looks on the wall!

Oh and you want to see how the first project turned out?

Both projects combined cost me just $13! $6 for the wainscoting, $3 for the stain and $3.99 for the burlap! I also had a ton of leftover burlap so I wacked out a few more projects with it! Post coming soon!

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