Making Your Own Wall Art…….Part 2

8 Aug

Yesterday I shared with you a project where I used $6 wainscoting to make some unique wall art. Today I’m going to show you some other ways to decorate your walls for a very low cost! After using a small amount of burlap to complete my “1,2,3” signs, I had a bunch left over. I decided it was time I focus on the dining room and add a rustic feel to it by bringing in the burlap. Before completing this project, I had 4 canvases hanging on a wall with leftover fabric stapled to it. This is what it looked like.

It looked okay for awhile, but definitely needed to be updated. I decided to use a white curtain panel that had paint stains on the bottom to cover these canvases. I just placed it over the old fabric and used my staple gun to secure it. With the canvases now wrapped in white fabric, I cut out 4 burlap squares slightly smaller than each canvas and used spray adhesive to attach the burlap to the canvas.

From here I knew I wanted it to be appropriate for a dining area so I spray painted some plastic utensils in black and tied it to the canvas using raffia. This is how it turned out!

This project didn’t cost me a thing because I used my old canvases and leftover burlap. Oh and you see the table runner I made? Yeah I didn’t really “make” anything. I just cut a 12″ wide strip of burlap and placed it on this prep table. I actually like the look of burlap when it starts fraying and unraveling a little bit, it really adds to the rustic feel! This is the one I did for the dining room table with my new centerpiece I put together.

Sorry I’m getting side tracked…….wall art right? I probably over did it with the burlap, but I was having fun! I found a scrap piece of wood in the garage and decided to stain it, attach burlap with fasteners and stencil the word “eat” on it.

On the day that I purchased my burlap, I also purchased some large cardboard letters. They were on sale for a dollar off and with my 25% off coupon they were only $2 each! I spray painted them white and hung them on the wall.

I know, I know I have lots of EAT signs in the house. I’m hoping the subliminal messages will encourage my children to eat more than 2 bites of their food at meal times! ; )

Oh and here’s an up close shot of this small sign I stenciled for the kitchen.

When reading this out loud, make sure you pause between the words Mix and Beat otherwise it sounds funny!

I did this fun little sign by painting a scrap piece of wood white and letting it dry. Then I placed vinyl letters on it, painted the whole thing black and removed the letters. I absolutely love vinyl letters for the fact that they stick but also remove easily and can be reused! This sign cost me $0!

Oh and that picture of the green apples is just a piece of scrap book paper taped onto an ugly coffee picture that I had sitting in the basement!

I hope you guys are inspired to create your own wall art instead of drop big bucks for a completely unoriginal picture or sign!

If anyone else is creating some fun wall art of their own, send me an email with pictures and a description so i can post it on my blog!


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