Making Changes with Textiles

9 Aug

One of my favorite ways to change the look of a room is through textiles. Buying a couple yards of fabric to cover pillows and cushions is extremely inexpensive and easy to do. A few days ago JoAnn Fabrics was having a huge 30% off sale on all of their fabric and I decided it was a great excuse to buy the fabric I had been eying for awhile. This is what I brought home.

This is 5 yards of fabric and cost me $26 all together! Definitely consider making your own pillows over purchasing them, it will save you so much money. This fabric made 6 pillows, 2 table runners and 3 miscellaneous wall art projects. If you were to go to Pier 1 and purchase pillows, they would be around $50 each!

Before swapping out the pillows and cushion on my bench, this is what it looked like.

Not exactly ugly, but definitely left some room for improvement. Last week when I discovered my love for spray painting, I gave this bench a little makeover.

Sure, it required over 2 cans of spray paint to get the job done, but at $3 a can you can’t go wrong! With the bench now a bright white, the canvas bench cushion just didn’t look right. I had an old shower curtain in a light blue color that I wasn’t using so I covered the old cushion with it. I haven’t gotten around to sewing it yet so at this point it’s just folded over the old one…….don’t tell anyone! ; )

After sewing a couple pillows and stuffing them with the filling from the old yellow ones, this is how it turned out.

I also sewed a few more pillows for the couches (which we haven’t gotten yet) but here’s how they look on our inbetweenfurniturefoutonmattress.

As I was staring long and hard at the new pillows and I decided the painting I did above the couch was just not working with colors of the room.

It looked good when the majority of the room was yellow and blue, but with all of my yellow decorations in my new bedroom, it just didn’t look right. So I got out my acrylic paint and made a few tweaks.

Ta Da!

Definitely makes things easier on the eyes! I may even go back and touch up the green to be a little brighter, but for now I’m happy!

So that’s it for today, just wanted to show you guys how swapping out some pillows or covering an old bench cushion can really update a room and give it a fresh new look!



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