Covering the Ol Ottomans!

12 Aug

I’m not sure how other people feel about this, but I am not the type that likes to see my kid’s toys everywhere. Unfortunately we do not have a play room that we can just stash everything in so that means the toys end up in every room of the house! That is why I decided to purchase 4 storage ottomans a couple years ago. I love the fact that the kids can pull their toys out and put them right back into the ottomans when they are finished. Win win for all of us!

Only problem was……they were starting to look a little beat up.

It doesn’t help that my little ones treat every toy like a weapon….. it’s literally their personal mission to destroy everything in the house! Pretty sure I saw my kids with toys forks stabbing these a couple weeks ago! I considered tossing them in the trash and either purchasing new ones or even trying to build ones. Since the majority of the issues are with the ottoman covers, I decided to just try covering them with fabric. I went to JoAnn this afternoon and found this fabric on sale from $10.99 a yard to $6 a yard and bought 3 yards of it.

I have never decorated with animal prints before so I was really excited to see how this would turn out! I laid the fabric out, placed the ottoman top on it and just started stapling!

Have I mentioned how much I love my staple gun? I made sure to staple around the lip of the thing so that it would still fit nicely into the ottomans. First one turned out great!

The next one needed a little more work. My destructive children must have thought it would be fun to pull off the mesh lining leaving the bare wood exposed.


Since I really don’t want to be pulling splinters out of baby fingers all day, I had to do something. Fortunately I had some batting laying around so I used that to cover the wood and stapled it down.

You can still see the string that’s holding the buttons on and it’s not perfect but it’s a huge improvement! No longer a safety hazard and actually quite soft to the touch! I ended up having to add the batting to 3 of the ottoman covers……darn kids!

It’s kid approved! If these little stinkers even try to destroy the new covers, I’m getting rid of all the toys that are stored inside of it! That sounds mean, but trust me it’s necessary! I did use home decor fabric so it’s extremely sturdy stuff.

Why hello Bruiser. That’s my sassy puggle that always seems to have a concerned look on his face. He also watches television, barks at other dogs and insists on sleeping in our bed with the covers over him…….yeah he’s spoiled.

I am so happy how these turned out and that I was able to keep the ottomans by just give them a fresh new look! They also add a ton of pizazz to the family room!

If you guys haven’t reupholstered anything or used a staple gun before… are missing out! It’s so simple and such a quick fix….no sewing skills required!



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