More Lamp Shade Shenanigans

15 Aug

When I decided to paint my first lamp shade, I was excited and super surprised how well it turned out. I used blue painter’s tape and acrylic paint to make a cool diamond pattern…..if you would like to read more about it, just click on this tutorial.

Since I completed this project, I was dying to try it again but this time using a different technique! Fortunately I had a white drum shade that was just chillin in the basement and since I swapped out stands for my first painted lamp shade, I had a spare stand!

I forgot to take a picture of the white shade, so this is a picture I used from the last project. Not to worry, they are they exact same shade……I purchased them from Target a few months ago.

So this time I decided to try out my vinyl numbers and place them randomly around the shade. Some right side up…..some upside down…..some sideways……just wanted it to look fun and unique!

Warning. The vinyl doesn’t stick to fabric as well as other surfaces so make sure to really push them down! Oh……did I mention this shade is fabric? lol well now you know.

This is what it looked like before I started painting.

I know I’ve said this before but I LOVE using vinyl! It peels on and off easily and you can re-use it! Yesterday my mother-in-law gave me a Silhouette craft cutter which prints and cuts vinyl!  I’m soooooo excited to get it set up!

With the all the numbers and symbols placed on the shade, I decided to get out the spray paint. I didn’t want to use a sponge brush this time because I know I would’ve pushed the numbers right off. I used Rust-oleum in the color Granite.

I spray painted the lamp shade in light, even coats. It took me 4 coats total but because it’s fast drying spray paint, I only had to wait a few minutes between coats.

After letting it dry, it was time to remove the numbers! I was extremely nervous! The first one I pulled off didn’t have the crisp white line that I was expecting……boo. So I went slower. Muuuuuuch sloooooower. I peeled off each number so slowly that this was by far the longest part of the whole project. Going slower definitely helped but there were a few numbers that had some fuzzy edges. This is how it turned out.

See the big number 3? That’s the first one I pulled off that turned out really fuzzy. I may get out my white fabric paint marker and touch that up soon.

If I did this again I would take more time to really press the vinyl down and obviously go even slower when removing the numbers. Overall I think it turned out pretty good. It has a fun design and is totally unique compared to the lamp shades you can pick from at a department store.

Now I need to find a place to put this thing…..the gray lamp shade against the steel blue walls is just weird. Maybe I will place it in my yellow and gray bedroom……who knows, I’m done for today ; )


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