Street Name Subway Art

29 Aug

One of my favorite things to do is give home-made gifts to friends and family. I find that once you’re an adult, you don’t wait for birthdays and Christmas to ask for the things you want, you just get them yourself. That’s what makes it so hard to buy presents for others. Sure, there’s always the gift cards to restaurants or bottles of wine you can give, but they really aren’t personal and don’t show that you put much thought into it at all.

The last few gifts I have made have included a monogrammed sign to my dear friend Miranda for her birthday that read “Laffin Family, established 2006”, a house warming sign for my friend Meghan with playful words like “hope, dream, love” and a “no swimming allowed” sign for my parents bathroom with a picture of a cat head first in the toilet. ; )

I really wanted to make something special for my husband and have seen really cool ideas before where people have framed the key to their house or have made art displaying the names of the streets they have lived on. I loved the idea of the street names and knew it would be special to the both of us because of all the fun memories we have made over the years.

So to make this sign, I started out with the same wainscoting that I had used on the “sitting on the dock of the bay” sign. Hubs had cut the pieces in half for me a couple weeks ago and I knew I needed 5 boards since we have lived in 5 different places. Fortunately, they are tongue and groove pieces, so it was really easy to get them to fit together. I used a leftover piece to place on the back to create a place to nail the boards to. Before nailing, I first used some wood glue.

Then I got out the brad nailer to make sure the thing was not going to fall apart.

Once everything was securely attached, I flipped it back over and painted the whole thing white with some leftover trim paint we had.

Since I like my projects to be completed quickly, I placed the sign out in the sun so that it would dry really fast. My husband always tells me not to do that because drying should not be rushed, blah blah blah, it has always worked just fine for me.

For the words, I decided to use my trusty vinyl letters because they have yet to disappoint me!

You can get these at Walmart for $4 and they are totally reusable! Seriously people, buy them!

I did one street name at a time because I didn’t have enough letters for all five street names.

I went with my go-to color……robin’s egg blue, and did 3 different shades of it. This is how it looked when I peeled the letters off.

You can see that the word Millington turned out pretty sloppy due to one of the letters moving around…….no worries! For little mistakes like these, paint markers work great! Got my white paint marker out and just touched a few letters up. This is how it turned out.

Looks much better! I also gave the piece a good sanding to make it nice and smooth and give it a bit of a beat up look.

I was excited to give this to my hubby since I did the whole project on my own to surprise him. Well obviously he loved it……brought back memories and made him smile. Yay!

A gift like this is so easy to make and works great for anniversary gifts for a spouse or your parents. It’s from the heart, personal and something you don’t see every day.

Oh yeah, you wanna see how it looks on the wall?

: )


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