Adding a “worldly” touch

15 Oct

Is worldly even a word? Idk it sounds funny if you say it over and over.

I feel like I start every post with “sorry I haven’t posted in awhile……” and I truly AM sorry! Nursing school has proven to be MUCH more work than I had ever imagined! Fortunately I’m on a “mid fall break” this weekend (that’s what you get when you pay an arm and a leg for private school) and had time to complete a project that I had been thinking about for awhile!

I’ve been totally obsessed with pull down maps lately and have searched every flea market, craft fair and rummage sale I have been to looking for one. I did find a couple vintage ones but they were well over $300!!! There’s no way I would ever pay that so I did what any respectable DIY gal would do……I made my own.

I considered making my own map from scratch but I’m pretty sure it would take me so long that I would’ve given up half way through it! So I searched on Amazon and found a giant world map (47″ tall by 78″ wide) for $34! All I had to make was make the “pull down” part of it! I found this awesome tutorial here from one of my favorite blogs and decided to try it myself!

I ran off to Menards and bought 4 dowels – two 1 1/4″ dowels for the top and two 7/8″ dowels for the bottom of the map. The reason I needed two was that they are only 4ft long and my map is a wopping 78″ wide. So obviously we had to attach them somehow……this is when I turn to my husband for help. He notched them out and screwed them together to make them nice and sturdy.

From here I stained the dowels in a deep walnut color and let them dry. I wanted to give the dowel on top a finished look so I bought these closet rod end caps from Menards.

I was originally just going to hot glue them to the ends of the dowels but my husband insisted on screwing them on. From here it was super easy……we used industrial strength velcro to attach the map to the dowels and then tied string to the end of the screws to hang the map.

Here is how it turned out. It fits perfectly above the couch!

Oh and going with the “worldly” theme……I found these vintage suitcases in our basement! They were Jake’s grandmother’s and apparently she traveled to Thailand with them which is really neat. They just needed a good cleaning and work awesome as a side table!

This whole project cost me under $50 for a giant piece of wall art that serves as a great learning tool! The kids are already in love with it and enjoy standing on the couch pointing to all the different places on the map!  I don’t even mind that it isn’t a real pull down map since I wouldn’t ever roll it up anyways! I hope you guys like it!!!


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