Springing forward!

20 May

Spring is finally here! This winter was absolutely brutal……it seemed like every morning that I had to wake up at 5am to go to clinicals, it was snowing! Fortunately my semester is over just in time for this gorgeous weather! I love being able to open the windows, fill my home with fresh cut tulips and sit out on the deck with a cup of coffee. I also like to change up my decorations every spring to give my home a fresh look. This spring is no different.

Since my last post which was like 6 months ago (sorry) we have purchased and hung up bamboo shades in the living room…..



Oh and here is a before shot…..


I think it adds a cozy touch, and it’s really nice at night time not having to close the curtains…..totally made the room look like a circus tent!

I also moved a large painting from the kitchen to the hallway……


The colors weren’t right with the dark blue wall. I decided to paint a new canvas for the kitchen to give it a more serene, springy feel…..


Another before shot….


Printed out some free prints that I found on Pinterest and framed them with some frames I got from Goodwill and spray painted white……


Moved the ladder that my hubs made me into the den and hung some large skeleton keys in the dining room that I received for a Mother’s Day gift. Also made some small pillows out of the leftover fabric from the kitchen bench…..



Before shot




I absolutely love tulips! Maybe this Fall I will remember to plant some bulbs so that I can cut them from my own garden and fill my whole house with them!!



So that’s where I’m at. I have some big plans for this Summer including painting the house and our deck so remember to check back in from time to time! Have a great day everyone!




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