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Gettin My Paint On

9 Jan

Hi everyone!

So I’m taking advantage of my last week of winter vacation by crafting as much as possible! Yesterday I completed two projects that I want to share with you guys. The first one involved an ugly mirror that my neighbor no longer wanted.  This is what she brought over.


I was eager to take the mirror because it was large and sturdy and I have been searching for something to put at the end of the hallway. Unfortunately it had this weird faux finish thing going on. First thing I did was give it a good cleaning. After it was clean I hauled the 50lb beast to the basement to tape off and get ready for painting. I used freezer paper and blue painters tape.


After taping it off I got out my trusty spray paint. I chose Rustoleum in a bright white with a semi-gloss finish. After 3 even coats, this is what it looked like.


After letting it dry for a good 6 hours, I hauled it back upstairs and placed it in the hallway. It still isn’t hung up yet because it’s so heavy my husband needs to purchase some bracket thingy (I wasn’t really listening) to make sure it’s held in place. I think it turned out great, and since it was free it’s even better!!


So that was the first project I completed yesterday. The second was a much larger project that I had been thinking about for months. Awhile ago I purchased 2 extra long white panels from IKEA for just $9.99. Unfortunately when my husband raised the curtain rod up to the ceiling and placed the white curtains on them, it reminded us of those floor to ceiling drop cloths that mark off construction areas. That was when I decided to paint them. I read several DIY blogs on how to do this and with the help of my crafting buddy Miranda, I was ready to tackle the project!

I showed up to Miranda’s at noon yesterday with my curtains, a quart of dutchboy paint, 2 small 3″ rollers, a large plastic drop cloth and some frog tape. We chose to do this project at her house since her living room could literally fit my whole house inside of it. After ironing the curtains, we laid them out on the drop cloth and measured those bad boys.


Being 95″ long we decided 10 stripes would be perfect……did I mention I was doing stripes? Hah sorry about that, yeah stripes is what we were going for. We measured and marked with a pencil every 9.5″ on both sides. To make sure each stripe was the same width, we had to switch off placing the tape above the line and below it.


With two people doing the taping, it literally only took us about 2 minutes to do this part. Now it was time to paint! The DIY instructions said that the paint did not need to be fabric paint, any paint would do. That was a relief because fabric paint would have cost a fortune! Instead this stuff cost me under $10! Using the rollers we got started painting, making sure to fully saturate the fabric. It seemed the biggest issues people had with painting curtains was to not get it saturated enough and having it look funny when hanging up……I’ll get to that later.

A quart of paint was juuuuuuust enough paint for both panels. If I had more, I would’ve used it. The last stripe was definitely not saturated as much as the other ones but at least it was covered!


Looked awesome when we pulled the tape off! Frog tape all the way, baby! Here is where it got a little tricky…..

Since the paint saturated all the way through, the drop cloth was soaked in paint. The instructions I read said to let them just dry on the cloths for a few hours. Sounded good to me so I packed up McKenna and took her home for nap time. It was just a couple hours later when I got a frantic call from Miranda saying that the curtains were sticking to the plastic and as she trying lifting them up the paint was starting to smear. She then laid out some sheets over her banister and rested the curtains on there to finish drying. I imagined something much worse than what she explained because when I came over to see them, I was sooooo relieved!

The backs of the curtains definitely weren’t as crisp of lines as the front but that was no big deal because the neighbors that live behind me are far enough away that they wouldn’t even notice! From the front they looked awesome! I brought them home and hung them up immediately!


This is how they turned out! You can see that the lines look awesome, however some areas are more saturated than others. My take on that……they are painted curtains, people! What do you expect! I spent less than $20 and got one of a kind curtains that would cost a fortune and be very difficult to find! I’m absolutely thrilled with the finished project and soooooo grateful to my friend, Miranda for all of her help with this project! It was a little stressful, but totally worth it!

Here are a few more shots for ya….




Remember if you have something you aren’t quite happy with, whether it’s a mirror, a pair of curtains or any other decoration, before tossing it, consider giving it some new life with a fresh coat of paint! Hope you enjoyed!