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Fall is in the air!

24 Sep

I absolutely love fall! I love drinking pumpkin spice lattes, watching football, wearing scarves and boots and of course watching the leaves change color. Now being able to drink a pumpkin spice latte while watching football AND decorating my house for fall would put me in heaven! I actually like decorating for fall better than decorating for Christmas because I love the warmth all of the colors bring to my home. There is something so cozy about gourds, apples, leaves and the smell of pumpkins in the air.

Decorating for me is a process. I can’t just spend one hour and put all of my decorations out and be happy with it. Many of my friends who know me well understand that I have a touch of OCD (okay maybe more than a touch). I need items to be balanced, in both size and color. I also need to pay attention to angles and make sure my decorations look good from all angles of a room. This is why it takes me a looooong time to get each room perfect (in my eyes). My poor husband looks at me like I’m crazy each time I jump off the couch and start rearranging decorations at 11:00 at night. Today I’m going to show you my finished dining room. The other rooms aren’t even close to being finished so you will have to wait to see those.

This is what I came up with.

It drives my husband crazy when I load the table up with decorations and there is hardly any room to eat. My answer to that……deal with it! ; )

This is the ladder that we built out of 1×3’s and 1″ dowels. I would’ve wrote a post on it but forgot to take pictures. Woops!

So that’s it for now. I am planning on getting a whole bunch of pumpkins to paint/stencil so there is a good chance all of these decorations will change. Hehe