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Make Your Own Chalkboard!

10 Sep

Lately I have been completely obsessed with chalkboards! I love the country/cozy look that they bring to a house and I love that they are functional too! You can use a chalkboard for a calendar, to-do list, groceries list, menu board or for your kids to play with! Now it’s not that chalkboards are hard to find, but finding one in the exact size and look that you want is another story. That’s why I decided to make one!

I had this awesome rustic frame in the basement that I bought years ago from Ben Franklin that I thought would look awesome with a chalkboard.

As you can see I have no picture in this frame, just the cardboard backing that came along with it. We decided to use this cardboard as a template for the piece that would soon become the chalkboard. We decided to use 1/4 inch hard board that we had left over in the garage because it’s extremely smooth and thin. All that we had to do was lay the cardboard on the hard board (that rhymes hehe) and trace the outline so we knew what size to cut it.

After making a couple quick cuts, it was ready to be primed. When using chalkboard paint, it is always recommended that you prime first! If there are any rough spots or scratches, you will want to sand and then prime.

While making a chalkboard for myself, I was also making a smaller one for a friend. You can see that it’s not too pretty after being primed but that’s okay, the chalkboard paint covers it up!

Now don’t even think about going out and purchasing chalkboard paint! The stuff is a fortune and it’s SUPER easy to make yourself! You use 2 Tablespoons of Unsanded Tile Grout per 1 Cup of paint. You can use any type of paint you want…..I used the 8oz  container of black paint you can get at Menards for $2.99! This is what the tile grout looks like.

Now it’s time to mix the heck out of this stuff! It’s pretty lumpy and you want to make sure it’s nice and smooth before applying it!

I applied the paint with a sponge brush and had to go over many areas twice because I didn’t want any primer to show through. You can also use a roller if you want.

After letting it dry for the night, I came back with 180 grit sandpaper to make it nice and smooth.  I then placed it in the frame (which fit perfectly thanks to the template) and hung it up! I think it looks awesome in my kitchen!

This project seriously took under an hour aside from drying time and was soooo simple to do! Using a picture frame gives it a finished look and most people have at least 1 or 2 laying around their house not being used. Also the chalkboard paint can be used on a ton of different surfaces. You can paint the top of a child’s craft table or paint it directly on a wall of a play room! My next project with this stuff will be a floor to ceiling calendar……I can’t wait!