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My Home Sweet Home

7 Jan

Hi everyone!

I know I haven’t posted in months and I’m sooooo sorry about that. I’m going to be extremely honest and admit that I probably won’t be able to post much in the future but I will try my hardest to keep my blog going. Unfortunately between nursing school, my children, my husband needing surgery and the holidays I don’t see this as a priority, which I’m sure you all understand.

Now that we have that off my chest, I would like to take the time to post some updated pictures of my home.

I have made some small changes which include purchasing a new rug for our living room, re-arranging some decorations and painting a beautiful dark blue wall in my kitchen. I have also received messages from people requesting a “house tour” and I can finally provide that for you guys! I still have a ton of work to do on my home and don’t even think you will be getting pictures of my den or second bathroom for awhile! ; )

Let’s start with the living room…..


I purchased this 7×9′ rug from overstock.com for $299.00. I have a love/hate relationship with it though. The rug is wool and requires constant vacuuming because of the fuzz that comes off of it. If I had known this I probably wouldn’t have bought it because I do NOT like to vacuum every day!


Another angle of the living room. Only change here is the &sign pillow I made out of a blue button up shirt I stole from my husband’s closet! I created a stencil out of freezer paper, ironed it on to the fabric and painted it with some fabric paint! I also love the fact that I kept on the buttons from the shirt so I can easily slip the pillow out of the cover when I want to mix things up.


And another angle, nothing new here. For more information on how I created the “1,2,3” wall art, click here.


Now we are moving into the dining room. The letters are from Jo-Ann Fabrics, which I painted white and sponge painted the edges with different shades of brown. Recently I bought a large letter E which I think looks better in the space than all medium size letters. I also changed up the decorations on the shelf.


I’m in love with the key picture! I bought the skeleton keys from World Market and hot glued them on to a small canvas that I just painted blue. Super easy and one of a kind!


Here is another angle of my dining room. The spoon and fork pictures above the prep table are birthday gifts from my husband that he bought from World Market……I seriously love that place! You can read more about how I decorated my bookshelf here.


Helloooooo blue!!! Can you see that dark blue is kind of a theme in my home? I feel if you pick one color and introduce it to each room, it really ties things together! I painted this wall just a week ago, the color is called Animation from Dutch Boy. I love how every time I walk into the kitchen I am greeted by this cheerful color blue! I’m also thrilled that my husband allowed me to bring in such a bold color without the slightest hesitation. That’s true love!


Another angle of the kitchen. I changed quite a lot in the last few days about the kitchen. I swapped out my old fabric on the cornice for a fabric that would tie in the new blue wall color. I also created a few new pictures. The one over the microwave is just scrapbook paper that I cut out with an exacto knife in the shape of Wisconsin. Seriously took me 5 minutes. The apple picture is also just scrapbook paper!


The canisters you see are regular stainless steel canisters that I hot glued scrap pieces of burlap onto and wrote with a sharpie on it. The utensil holder is just a coffee tin that I also covered in burlap.


Bathroom shot. Nothing exciting here, but I am in love with the shower curtain that I just picked up at Target for $14.99! I think I’d like to change up the wall art…..guess I need some more scrapbook paper!


This is my 2 year old daughter McKenna’s room. My husband built the shutters for her room and the headboard out of  plastic fencing. We were going for a butterfly garden  theme. The dress up box is something my husband built the kids for Christmas and the plans are found here.


This is my 4 year old son Jayden’s room. We went with a rock n roll theme for this room and bought the bedding and rug from Walmart. The records are from goodwill and the guitar was a birthday gift. Getting my husband to agree to help me paint the orange stripes on the ceiling was a difficult task but obviously I succeeded!

Bedroom After

And finally this is the master bedroom. I use this word loosely since the dimensions of this room are probably smaller than the kids rooms and the king size bed literally takes up the whole thing! You can read more about this bedroom makeover here.

So there you have it. An almost complete house tour, besides for the den, 2nd bathroom and basement. We have many DIY plans coming up for spring and summer that include:

1. Knocking out east wall and pocket door from kitchen and adding a tile backsplash

2. Pulling off the panels, drywalling and putting new flooring in den

3. Complete bathroom reno in 2nd bathroom

4. Painting the exterior of the house

5. Cleaning and organizing basement and garage

It’s going to be a busy year but I promise I will update you all with pictures and posts along the way! Thank you for your continued support!!!