Springing forward!

20 May

Spring is finally here! This winter was absolutely brutal……it seemed like every morning that I had to wake up at 5am to go to clinicals, it was snowing! Fortunately my semester is over just in time for this gorgeous weather! I love being able to open the windows, fill my home with fresh cut tulips and sit out on the deck with a cup of coffee. I also like to change up my decorations every spring to give my home a fresh look. This spring is no different.

Since my last post which was like 6 months ago (sorry) we have purchased and hung up bamboo shades in the living room…..



Oh and here is a before shot…..


I think it adds a cozy touch, and it’s really nice at night time not having to close the curtains…..totally made the room look like a circus tent!

I also moved a large painting from the kitchen to the hallway……


The colors weren’t right with the dark blue wall. I decided to paint a new canvas for the kitchen to give it a more serene, springy feel…..


Another before shot….


Printed out some free prints that I found on Pinterest and framed them with some frames I got from Goodwill and spray painted white……


Moved the ladder that my hubs made me into the den and hung some large skeleton keys in the dining room that I received for a Mother’s Day gift. Also made some small pillows out of the leftover fabric from the kitchen bench…..



Before shot




I absolutely love tulips! Maybe this Fall I will remember to plant some bulbs so that I can cut them from my own garden and fill my whole house with them!!



So that’s where I’m at. I have some big plans for this Summer including painting the house and our deck so remember to check back in from time to time! Have a great day everyone!




Gettin My Paint On

9 Jan

Hi everyone!

So I’m taking advantage of my last week of winter vacation by crafting as much as possible! Yesterday I completed two projects that I want to share with you guys. The first one involved an ugly mirror that my neighbor no longer wanted.  This is what she brought over.


I was eager to take the mirror because it was large and sturdy and I have been searching for something to put at the end of the hallway. Unfortunately it had this weird faux finish thing going on. First thing I did was give it a good cleaning. After it was clean I hauled the 50lb beast to the basement to tape off and get ready for painting. I used freezer paper and blue painters tape.


After taping it off I got out my trusty spray paint. I chose Rustoleum in a bright white with a semi-gloss finish. After 3 even coats, this is what it looked like.


After letting it dry for a good 6 hours, I hauled it back upstairs and placed it in the hallway. It still isn’t hung up yet because it’s so heavy my husband needs to purchase some bracket thingy (I wasn’t really listening) to make sure it’s held in place. I think it turned out great, and since it was free it’s even better!!


So that was the first project I completed yesterday. The second was a much larger project that I had been thinking about for months. Awhile ago I purchased 2 extra long white panels from IKEA for just $9.99. Unfortunately when my husband raised the curtain rod up to the ceiling and placed the white curtains on them, it reminded us of those floor to ceiling drop cloths that mark off construction areas. That was when I decided to paint them. I read several DIY blogs on how to do this and with the help of my crafting buddy Miranda, I was ready to tackle the project!

I showed up to Miranda’s at noon yesterday with my curtains, a quart of dutchboy paint, 2 small 3″ rollers, a large plastic drop cloth and some frog tape. We chose to do this project at her house since her living room could literally fit my whole house inside of it. After ironing the curtains, we laid them out on the drop cloth and measured those bad boys.


Being 95″ long we decided 10 stripes would be perfect……did I mention I was doing stripes? Hah sorry about that, yeah stripes is what we were going for. We measured and marked with a pencil every 9.5″ on both sides. To make sure each stripe was the same width, we had to switch off placing the tape above the line and below it.


With two people doing the taping, it literally only took us about 2 minutes to do this part. Now it was time to paint! The DIY instructions said that the paint did not need to be fabric paint, any paint would do. That was a relief because fabric paint would have cost a fortune! Instead this stuff cost me under $10! Using the rollers we got started painting, making sure to fully saturate the fabric. It seemed the biggest issues people had with painting curtains was to not get it saturated enough and having it look funny when hanging up……I’ll get to that later.

A quart of paint was juuuuuuust enough paint for both panels. If I had more, I would’ve used it. The last stripe was definitely not saturated as much as the other ones but at least it was covered!


Looked awesome when we pulled the tape off! Frog tape all the way, baby! Here is where it got a little tricky…..

Since the paint saturated all the way through, the drop cloth was soaked in paint. The instructions I read said to let them just dry on the cloths for a few hours. Sounded good to me so I packed up McKenna and took her home for nap time. It was just a couple hours later when I got a frantic call from Miranda saying that the curtains were sticking to the plastic and as she trying lifting them up the paint was starting to smear. She then laid out some sheets over her banister and rested the curtains on there to finish drying. I imagined something much worse than what she explained because when I came over to see them, I was sooooo relieved!

The backs of the curtains definitely weren’t as crisp of lines as the front but that was no big deal because the neighbors that live behind me are far enough away that they wouldn’t even notice! From the front they looked awesome! I brought them home and hung them up immediately!


This is how they turned out! You can see that the lines look awesome, however some areas are more saturated than others. My take on that……they are painted curtains, people! What do you expect! I spent less than $20 and got one of a kind curtains that would cost a fortune and be very difficult to find! I’m absolutely thrilled with the finished project and soooooo grateful to my friend, Miranda for all of her help with this project! It was a little stressful, but totally worth it!

Here are a few more shots for ya….




Remember if you have something you aren’t quite happy with, whether it’s a mirror, a pair of curtains or any other decoration, before tossing it, consider giving it some new life with a fresh coat of paint! Hope you enjoyed!




My Home Sweet Home

7 Jan

Hi everyone!

I know I haven’t posted in months and I’m sooooo sorry about that. I’m going to be extremely honest and admit that I probably won’t be able to post much in the future but I will try my hardest to keep my blog going. Unfortunately between nursing school, my children, my husband needing surgery and the holidays I don’t see this as a priority, which I’m sure you all understand.

Now that we have that off my chest, I would like to take the time to post some updated pictures of my home.

I have made some small changes which include purchasing a new rug for our living room, re-arranging some decorations and painting a beautiful dark blue wall in my kitchen. I have also received messages from people requesting a “house tour” and I can finally provide that for you guys! I still have a ton of work to do on my home and don’t even think you will be getting pictures of my den or second bathroom for awhile! ; )

Let’s start with the living room…..


I purchased this 7×9′ rug from overstock.com for $299.00. I have a love/hate relationship with it though. The rug is wool and requires constant vacuuming because of the fuzz that comes off of it. If I had known this I probably wouldn’t have bought it because I do NOT like to vacuum every day!


Another angle of the living room. Only change here is the &sign pillow I made out of a blue button up shirt I stole from my husband’s closet! I created a stencil out of freezer paper, ironed it on to the fabric and painted it with some fabric paint! I also love the fact that I kept on the buttons from the shirt so I can easily slip the pillow out of the cover when I want to mix things up.


And another angle, nothing new here. For more information on how I created the “1,2,3” wall art, click here.


Now we are moving into the dining room. The letters are from Jo-Ann Fabrics, which I painted white and sponge painted the edges with different shades of brown. Recently I bought a large letter E which I think looks better in the space than all medium size letters. I also changed up the decorations on the shelf.


I’m in love with the key picture! I bought the skeleton keys from World Market and hot glued them on to a small canvas that I just painted blue. Super easy and one of a kind!


Here is another angle of my dining room. The spoon and fork pictures above the prep table are birthday gifts from my husband that he bought from World Market……I seriously love that place! You can read more about how I decorated my bookshelf here.


Helloooooo blue!!! Can you see that dark blue is kind of a theme in my home? I feel if you pick one color and introduce it to each room, it really ties things together! I painted this wall just a week ago, the color is called Animation from Dutch Boy. I love how every time I walk into the kitchen I am greeted by this cheerful color blue! I’m also thrilled that my husband allowed me to bring in such a bold color without the slightest hesitation. That’s true love!


Another angle of the kitchen. I changed quite a lot in the last few days about the kitchen. I swapped out my old fabric on the cornice for a fabric that would tie in the new blue wall color. I also created a few new pictures. The one over the microwave is just scrapbook paper that I cut out with an exacto knife in the shape of Wisconsin. Seriously took me 5 minutes. The apple picture is also just scrapbook paper!


The canisters you see are regular stainless steel canisters that I hot glued scrap pieces of burlap onto and wrote with a sharpie on it. The utensil holder is just a coffee tin that I also covered in burlap.


Bathroom shot. Nothing exciting here, but I am in love with the shower curtain that I just picked up at Target for $14.99! I think I’d like to change up the wall art…..guess I need some more scrapbook paper!


This is my 2 year old daughter McKenna’s room. My husband built the shutters for her room and the headboard out of  plastic fencing. We were going for a butterfly garden  theme. The dress up box is something my husband built the kids for Christmas and the plans are found here.


This is my 4 year old son Jayden’s room. We went with a rock n roll theme for this room and bought the bedding and rug from Walmart. The records are from goodwill and the guitar was a birthday gift. Getting my husband to agree to help me paint the orange stripes on the ceiling was a difficult task but obviously I succeeded!

Bedroom After

And finally this is the master bedroom. I use this word loosely since the dimensions of this room are probably smaller than the kids rooms and the king size bed literally takes up the whole thing! You can read more about this bedroom makeover here.

So there you have it. An almost complete house tour, besides for the den, 2nd bathroom and basement. We have many DIY plans coming up for spring and summer that include:

1. Knocking out east wall and pocket door from kitchen and adding a tile backsplash

2. Pulling off the panels, drywalling and putting new flooring in den

3. Complete bathroom reno in 2nd bathroom

4. Painting the exterior of the house

5. Cleaning and organizing basement and garage

It’s going to be a busy year but I promise I will update you all with pictures and posts along the way! Thank you for your continued support!!!



Adding a “worldly” touch

15 Oct

Is worldly even a word? Idk it sounds funny if you say it over and over.

I feel like I start every post with “sorry I haven’t posted in awhile……” and I truly AM sorry! Nursing school has proven to be MUCH more work than I had ever imagined! Fortunately I’m on a “mid fall break” this weekend (that’s what you get when you pay an arm and a leg for private school) and had time to complete a project that I had been thinking about for awhile!

I’ve been totally obsessed with pull down maps lately and have searched every flea market, craft fair and rummage sale I have been to looking for one. I did find a couple vintage ones but they were well over $300!!! There’s no way I would ever pay that so I did what any respectable DIY gal would do……I made my own.

I considered making my own map from scratch but I’m pretty sure it would take me so long that I would’ve given up half way through it! So I searched on Amazon and found a giant world map (47″ tall by 78″ wide) for $34! All I had to make was make the “pull down” part of it! I found this awesome tutorial here from one of my favorite blogs and decided to try it myself!

I ran off to Menards and bought 4 dowels – two 1 1/4″ dowels for the top and two 7/8″ dowels for the bottom of the map. The reason I needed two was that they are only 4ft long and my map is a wopping 78″ wide. So obviously we had to attach them somehow……this is when I turn to my husband for help. He notched them out and screwed them together to make them nice and sturdy.

From here I stained the dowels in a deep walnut color and let them dry. I wanted to give the dowel on top a finished look so I bought these closet rod end caps from Menards.

I was originally just going to hot glue them to the ends of the dowels but my husband insisted on screwing them on. From here it was super easy……we used industrial strength velcro to attach the map to the dowels and then tied string to the end of the screws to hang the map.

Here is how it turned out. It fits perfectly above the couch!

Oh and going with the “worldly” theme……I found these vintage suitcases in our basement! They were Jake’s grandmother’s and apparently she traveled to Thailand with them which is really neat. They just needed a good cleaning and work awesome as a side table!

This whole project cost me under $50 for a giant piece of wall art that serves as a great learning tool! The kids are already in love with it and enjoy standing on the couch pointing to all the different places on the map!  I don’t even mind that it isn’t a real pull down map since I wouldn’t ever roll it up anyways! I hope you guys like it!!!

Fall is in the air!

24 Sep

I absolutely love fall! I love drinking pumpkin spice lattes, watching football, wearing scarves and boots and of course watching the leaves change color. Now being able to drink a pumpkin spice latte while watching football AND decorating my house for fall would put me in heaven! I actually like decorating for fall better than decorating for Christmas because I love the warmth all of the colors bring to my home. There is something so cozy about gourds, apples, leaves and the smell of pumpkins in the air.

Decorating for me is a process. I can’t just spend one hour and put all of my decorations out and be happy with it. Many of my friends who know me well understand that I have a touch of OCD (okay maybe more than a touch). I need items to be balanced, in both size and color. I also need to pay attention to angles and make sure my decorations look good from all angles of a room. This is why it takes me a looooong time to get each room perfect (in my eyes). My poor husband looks at me like I’m crazy each time I jump off the couch and start rearranging decorations at 11:00 at night. Today I’m going to show you my finished dining room. The other rooms aren’t even close to being finished so you will have to wait to see those.

This is what I came up with.

It drives my husband crazy when I load the table up with decorations and there is hardly any room to eat. My answer to that……deal with it! ; )

This is the ladder that we built out of 1×3’s and 1″ dowels. I would’ve wrote a post on it but forgot to take pictures. Woops!

So that’s it for now. I am planning on getting a whole bunch of pumpkins to paint/stencil so there is a good chance all of these decorations will change. Hehe

Make Your Own Chalkboard!

10 Sep

Lately I have been completely obsessed with chalkboards! I love the country/cozy look that they bring to a house and I love that they are functional too! You can use a chalkboard for a calendar, to-do list, groceries list, menu board or for your kids to play with! Now it’s not that chalkboards are hard to find, but finding one in the exact size and look that you want is another story. That’s why I decided to make one!

I had this awesome rustic frame in the basement that I bought years ago from Ben Franklin that I thought would look awesome with a chalkboard.

As you can see I have no picture in this frame, just the cardboard backing that came along with it. We decided to use this cardboard as a template for the piece that would soon become the chalkboard. We decided to use 1/4 inch hard board that we had left over in the garage because it’s extremely smooth and thin. All that we had to do was lay the cardboard on the hard board (that rhymes hehe) and trace the outline so we knew what size to cut it.

After making a couple quick cuts, it was ready to be primed. When using chalkboard paint, it is always recommended that you prime first! If there are any rough spots or scratches, you will want to sand and then prime.

While making a chalkboard for myself, I was also making a smaller one for a friend. You can see that it’s not too pretty after being primed but that’s okay, the chalkboard paint covers it up!

Now don’t even think about going out and purchasing chalkboard paint! The stuff is a fortune and it’s SUPER easy to make yourself! You use 2 Tablespoons of Unsanded Tile Grout per 1 Cup of paint. You can use any type of paint you want…..I used the 8oz  container of black paint you can get at Menards for $2.99! This is what the tile grout looks like.

Now it’s time to mix the heck out of this stuff! It’s pretty lumpy and you want to make sure it’s nice and smooth before applying it!

I applied the paint with a sponge brush and had to go over many areas twice because I didn’t want any primer to show through. You can also use a roller if you want.

After letting it dry for the night, I came back with 180 grit sandpaper to make it nice and smooth.  I then placed it in the frame (which fit perfectly thanks to the template) and hung it up! I think it looks awesome in my kitchen!

This project seriously took under an hour aside from drying time and was soooo simple to do! Using a picture frame gives it a finished look and most people have at least 1 or 2 laying around their house not being used. Also the chalkboard paint can be used on a ton of different surfaces. You can paint the top of a child’s craft table or paint it directly on a wall of a play room! My next project with this stuff will be a floor to ceiling calendar……I can’t wait!

Show a Rug Some Love

6 Sep

I’ve come to the conclusion that you can cover ANYTHING! I’m finally seeing things in a new light…… I know, took me long enough. What was once old and worn and probably headed for the garbage, I can now see the potential in. Today I’m going to show you how I covered an old rug. I’ve been making some small changes to my kitchen lately which have made a huge difference. For instance, sewing a new valance, covering the cornice with new fabric and bringing in a new black and white rug from Target. Unfortunately the small rug in front of the sink does not match the rug and looks extremely beat up. This is what we’ve got to work with.

I was complaining about it to my friend Miranda when she came up with the BRILLIANT idea to cover it with fabric! Since I was already planning on tossing it, I really had nothing to lose!

This is the fabric that I had left over from the valance I sewed for the kitchen.

The way that I decided to cover this bad boy is through spray adhesive. This is some heavy duty stuff with a strong odor so it should be done either outside or in a well ventilated room. I used Loctite High Performance Spray Adhesive which works on tons of different surfaces, fabric being one of them. I hauled the rug, fabric, drop cloth, spray adhesive, scissors and of course my camera outside. Of course the hubs was watching and mentioned it would be easier on a hard surface so he gave me a scrap piece of counter top to place under the drop cloth for support.

With spray adhesive you want to coat both surfaces and allow to dry for several minutes so that the surfaces are tacky and will form a strong bond.

Here is an awesome action shot my husband took of me shaking the can. Haha

Started with the rug.

Then I got to spraying the back of the fabric which I had already cut to right around the size of the rug…..I did leave some room to fold the rug over the sides.

After waiting a few minutes, I picked up the rug and placed it face down on the fabric. Make SURE that you have it in the position you want it before pressing the surfaces together……it will bond immediately. Then I sprayed around the edges of the back of the mat so that the fabric would adhere to it.

I waited a few minutes and slowly went around the rug pushing the fabric to it.

I let the whole thing dry outside for about a half hour then brought it into the kitchen.

I seriously couldn’t believe how well it turned out! Covering a rug is so easy and works better than just laying fabric on the floor because it doesn’t get bunched up at all. Here is how it looks next to the new Target rug.

Next time you think about throwing out an old rug that is stained up or just looks outdated, consider covering it with some fresh new fabric of your choice!